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Free College?

Are you and athlete? Is going to college for free your goal?

Everyone knows that college is expensive. So expensive that some people never consider it an option. We need to leave this thought pattern behind. Everyone can get to college. AND FOR FREE. Right now we are speaking to the athletes. With the right amount of preparation, hard work and tenacity you can get to college for free and pay your family back for the years of support they have provided. In partnership with G.Y.M Training, Trained2Fly and CoachTimOnline have created a program to assist athletes excel in school, sports and on the recruiting trail. We have are proud to introduce our Athlete Development Training. Coach Josh Woods and Coach Tim Morris are your Athlete Development Coaches that will guide you through the entire process.

This Athlete Development Training program is focused on building the best athlete on and off the film. Through a detailed and customizable program we will help any athlete excel on the field, in the classroom and when sitting down with college recruiters. We will help with the sometimes frustrating progress of handling college recruitment. Let’s us help your lifetime investments pay off.

Position specific training

Speed & Agility

Education Assistance

College Preparation

Film Review

Mock Recruiting interviews

College Eligibility Assistance

We build the total athlete that would be an asset to any college campus and team.

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