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Keep Going, Keep Growing



        Writing a book was something I never in my life thought about doing. “I’m not interesting enough”, “Nobody cares about my story”, and “who would read it” were all thoughts I had when it came to a writing book. Then life changed and I was left with nothing. Rather than dive into self destructive behaviors I chose to put my thoughts on paper to get them out in a healthy manner. Before you know it, I had a book.


      The personal tragedy of using my wife and best friend could have ended me, but the two most important words ever spoken to me changed that. Keep Going! Those were the last words my wife spoke to me before her passing. So in her honor I will always keep going. This book tells the whole story of finding love, building something beautiful and then losing it all at once. I used those two words to pull myself out of the darkness and I hope it will help you pull yourself out of any darkness that may come into your life. You can come out the other end too, just KEEP GOING, KEEP GROWING…

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